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Ghostcom Ghost Communicator - Android app

Get it FREE on Android here: http://goo.gl/l3g6W1 Get it FREE on iOS here: https://goo.gl/TRff4q.

Review of Star Trek Communicator App for Android

Cute app that was on iPhone now available on the android OS - lets you pretend that you have a Star Trek TOS communicator.

Star Trek Communicator app for Android

I found this cool FREE Android app that turns your phone into a virtual Star Trek TOS Communicator. Here's a look at it.

LG IPECS Communicator App Review

This is a video review of the LG Ericsson iPECS Communicator app for Android and IPhone.


Thanks to Mike from Lincoln, Nebraska, who submitted this short app review to Vimeo and allowed us to share it on YouTube here. This is an app review about ...

BEST travel app : iSayHello Communicator Pro!

6 Apps That Help You Find Ghosts

Many of the devices used by ghost hunters come in app form for iPhones. Apps are also giving researchers a method of collecting large swaths of data from ...

AAC Speech Communicator Review

A review of the Android app, the AAC Speech Communicator for EDUC 315.

Ghost Radar Classic: Testing 2 phones

Testing "Ghost Radar Classic" on 2 android phones. This is personally the first time I've delved into this subject matter, though the idea/belief in spirits has ...

Rippln Communicator Mobile App Platform Review - NEW Communication App for iPhone and Android

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